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Onno Hansen

Idea and project originator. Loves movement, responsibility, beauty, sun. Amsterdam, Gdansk. Blog:

Specialties: Current key areas: online identity, augmented reality (ar), validation, privacy, cross border e-commerce, streaming and video conferencing, Web 2+, semantics, communities, social action. Actual:- Dynamiczna Tozsamosc: online identity education meets ar, video, philosophy- IDentifEYE: education meets ar game- Ohennennoh: cross border e-commerce research- Thatizme: validation infrastructure, online identity, branding- Obywatel Solidarnosc: videoconferencing, ar, event organization- Findsi: dynamic personal recommendations based on behavior and choices

Onno Hansen's Background

Onno Hansen's Experience

Co-founder and co-author at Dynamic Identity/ Dynamiczna Tozsamosc

2011 - Present

Together with Beata Staszynska creating workshops on online identity involving Augmented Reality, film grammar and video. It's technology meets philosophy. Our 2012 Polish program was co-funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture. Our 2012-2015 edition is European with partners from Greece, Poland and the Netherlands - co-funded by Comenius LLP. The Polish 2013 edition, also co-funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture, involves creating an AR game with students (aged 15-18) with graphics from Hans Memling's Last Judgment to empower intergenerational dialogue on emotions experienced online.

GM, founder and author at Thatizme!

2007 - Present

Thatizme is to be a tool to prove online that you are really you and then use that proof to help you do things you can’t do now – like validate your content, protect your children against unwanted adults and reserve hotel rooms without showing your credit card. The Thatizme concept is currently being evaluated by the Dutch administration.

Chairman at Stichting Ezzev

2006 - Present

The Ezzev Foundation stimulates youngsters’ awareness on their online rights and on the effects of their online presence as well as technologies that enable on-topic communication with youngsters. The organization functions as a network organization: Board members engage in projects with dedicated specialists. Ezzev is partner of the European projects Dynamic Identity (of which it also is co-author), Talking about taboos and Web2learn. Before, the foundation was partner and author of the European IDentifEYE project.

Director at Ohennennoh

2000 - Present | Amsterdam

Ohennennoh supports companies, NGOs, projects and individuals who follow their heart in this technological world. Ohennennoh is partner in the European project PeCoS4SMEs on e-Commerce strategies. We created a catchy name for the project: SECS (succesful e-Commerce strategies) and a communicative campaign – SECS sells/ let’s talk about SECS – that will unfold shortly.

GM, co-founder and co-author at Findsi

1998 - Present

Findsi is a tool to create a semantic web in any database. It is language independent and can recommend similar information and similar people. In Findsi no administrator is needed to organize information. Spam has no chance to bias outcomes. And the best thing is: everybody gets more out of Findsi than they put in.

Expert Media Education at Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (MKiDN)

2011 - 2012

Supporting the Ministry in evaluating media education co-funding applications

Co-founder and author at Project IDentifEYE

2011 - 2012

Project aim: Children between the ages of 8 and 14 “should start to understand the relationship between validated data and identity”. The project is carried out by Mijn Kind Online, Ezzev, OAKE Associates (GB), CNTI (CY). The project is co-financed by the Justice Directorate of the European Union.

Consultant at ASN Bank

January 2008 - July 2009

Co-creating the 2.0 portal was an exciting venture. A small, dedicated team made it happen.

Manager at About:blank

1999 - 2008

Consultant at HealthNet TPO

November 2005 - April 2007

Consultant at ICB

1993 - 2006

Board member at One for the Other

August 2004 - July 2005

CSO at Digipay

2003 - 2004

Independent journalist, no employee at De Groene Amsterdammer

December 1995 - January 2001

Co-founder and co-author at Citizen Solidarity/ Obywatel Solidarnosc

June 2010

Together with Beata Staszynska realizing the project from idea to implementation. By means of technology, video, events and a book we try to revive concrete dreams of positive togetherness inspired by the 1980 ethics of Solidarity. The 2010 edition of the project won a huge grant by the National Centre for Culture (NCK). The project was dubbed a great succes by the NCK. The 2011 edition was executed under supervision of Fundacja Citizen Project. We are now preparing the 2012 edition. The project is dedicated to Arkadiusz "Aram" Rybicki.

Consultant Poland at Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen

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